Our new grant portal has launched. This system is user-friendly and offers a centralized portal for applications and reports. Click here to learn more.

Applying for a Grant

Begin Your Pre-application or Application

Please click Start a New Pre-application or Application to start our online process (only if you have a portal login). You will then be asked a few basic questions. Your answers will determine whether you will be routed to the Pre-application or the Application.

Before starting, we encourage you to review our Pre-application and Application Questions. We suggest you use these questions as a worksheet to gather the information you will need to complete the online Pre-application or the online Application.

Complete Your Pre-application or Application

After starting your Pre-application or Application, you can save your work and enter and exit the application as many times as you would like.

After starting your Pre-application or Application, please click Continue an Incomplete Pre-application or Application. As you work, do not use your browser’s Back button – you will lose all unsaved data. We strongly recommend that you save regularly while filling out the Pre-application or the Application. The save button is at the bottom of each page.

Alternatively, please feel free to download the Application in Word form and complete it offline. You can then log into the system, copy in all of your answers and save and send it all at once.

Once a Pre-application or Application has been submitted, you cannot add, modify or delete it or any part of it through the online system. Please note, though, that there will be an opportunity to make amendments to the outcomes chart through conversations with your Program Officer during the review process. If you find that you need to make an important change to the rest of your Pre-application or Application after you have submitted it, please contact us directly.

Pre-application and Application Questions

The documents below outline the questions you will find in the online Pre-application and the online Application. We encourage you to use these questions as a worksheet to gather the information you will need to complete the Pre-application or the Application. Please note that we only accept applications through our Online Application Process.

View Pre-application Questions

View Application Questions

Outcomes Chart

The Outcomes Chart, part of our Application Questions, is a tool used to collect information to help us understand your programmatic goals and outcomes. Please view the Outcomes Chart below, which includes instructions and a sample of how a hypothetical social service organization might complete the chart. This same chart is also included within the Application Questions. If you have questions or would like to discuss the chart with a Program Officer before you submit your application, please contact us.

View Outcomes Chart